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I went through hard times. Dealing with High Sensitivity (H.S.P.) and attention issues (A.D.D.) which led me to depression and addictions. 

But, from those challenges emerged something beautiful. 

I found hope and purpose in Jesus. It brings me great joy to share Gods truth with those going through similar challenges, using the creative gifts I believe I’ve been blessed with. Currently living in Barcelona, Spain, working as a full-time missionary, Kolorál is my way of expressing vision and encouragement.

Kolorál is more than just clothes and art; it’s a mission. All purchases made from Kolorál, help support the mission God is carrying out through me. With Kolorál, you’re not only buying for yourself, but you are also acquiring a tool to share the simple message of hope. Together, let’s paint a picture of redemption to the world around us.

Isaac Vasquez

Isaac Vasquez, Barcelona – Photo by Chloe Huls